Our Vision

Community Code was formed to showcase real stories of gradual change through the work of NGOs or other not for profit organizations aspiring to overcome social disparity in its various forms. What makes CC the online database for change, is its large network of NGOs allowing volunteers to engage in the sphere of social work which inspires them the most, by filling in a simple volunteer form. It allows prospective volunteers to gain a subjective perspective into the ground realities of the work being done before they donate their time for the same. It is a great way to see the positive acts undertaken in our all too negative society. It makes social work easy to navigate.

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Our Story

Envisioned in 2014 and materialized in the summer of 2015, Community Code was created by best-friends Soham Bhatnagar and Animesh Agrawal. Back in 2014, at the age of 16, with his passion for community service, Soham began his search for NGO's in Mumbai and was keen on reading about work being done by NGO's across the city. To his surprise, he was unable to find a platform that could connect him to an NGO let aside a platform that wrote about their work. To overcome this barrier of a lack of point-of-reference, Soham and Animesh created the Community Code website back in 2015 to write stories about the work being done by NGO's and other social workers and to act as a platform where volunteers could access a diverse network of NGO's and work with the ones best-suited to them.

Meet the Team

Community Code has been a youth-run organization since 2015 and continues to encourage youth participation in all of its programs and operations!


Soham Bhatnagar

Founder & CEO

Junior year at the Sauder School of Business in the University of British Columbia


Animesh Agrawal

Co-Founder & CTO

Junior year in the University of California- Irvine

Esha Mitra

Editor & Head of NGO Recruitment 

Junior year at Presidency University, Kolkata