The Inspirational: Nilu Khed

Nilu Khed, from the small district of Solapur, saw her father through some very tough years of his life. He struggled with his health for two years and then turned into an arthritic patient confined to his bed. His undersized plot of land gave them barely 40000 rupees per annum and Nilu’s elder sister was the only other person contributing to the family income. This was a large financial cost to the family and bright Nilu was determined to help out in a significant way.

Nilu did her schooling entirely in Solapur. Soon, with her top scores in Class XII as well as in the Common Entrance exam, she was admitted into the College of Engineering, Pune. This news overjoyed her since the college was one of the most prestigious colleges in Pune. She decided to pursue a B.E. Information Technology Course in Electronics and Tele Communications. Completely focused on her studies, she scored better grades with every semester.

It was at this time that Nilu became the first Katalyst student from Pune. Katalyst supported Nilu at every level of her journey through various interventions. They assigned her a Mentor, helped her with life-skill and hard-skill training as well as with health insurance and scholarships. Considering that Nilu came from a vernacular background, Katalyst provided Nilu with regular training in communication skills. As a result, she was able to speak fluently in no time which greatly boosted her confidence. Through the monetary support received from Katalyst, she was also able to pay part of her college fees and the cost of the hostel room. However, over the years, Nilu had received much more than assistance from Katalyst. She had received the love and respect of her juniors. Having grown into a confident woman, Nilu would help her juniors with their journeys at Katayst. With her enthusiastic and eager approach, “she was like a didi to the others”.

To ensure that Nilu had the best guidance possible regarding her career, Katalyst arranged for a senior executive from HSBC to help her plan her future. She decided to study MBA in Finance and was assisted with monetary support to join the CAT preparatory classes at the IMS institute. Achieving an aggregate of 90 %, Nilu secured admission in renowned IIM Kozhikode.

After her studies in Finance, Nilu was recruited into Goldman Sachs through a campus placement with a 13 lakh INR compensation in her pocket. Nilu’s first induction gave her the opportunity to visit New York. Fast-forward a few years-she is now working with Deutshe Bank, Mumbai, happily married. Nilu’s broad, encouraging smile is fondly remembered even today by the Katalyst team.

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